Rinkboards and Digital Networks

Digital Advertising Network

Our digital advertising network combines computers, the Internet, television broadcast and display screens into a powerful, cost effective, targeted, high impact advertising medium. Using the Internet from a centralized location, customized real time sensitive information, video and advertising can be integrated with live television broadcast and delivered to a large network of digital screens at any venue location in the world at any time.


We can offer digital screens in arenas, scheduling screens in arenas, and outdoor digital displays located on major streets seen

by thousands of people every day. Our scheduling systems can be programmed well in advance of an upcoming event and can be accessed from any device at any time and any place.


Critical to the success of any implementation is the set of expertise drawn from various disciplines including marketing, advertising, project management, graphic arts, computers, broadcast engineering, Internet and network management.  For all but a few large businesses, this multi-disciplinary expertise requirement represents an implementation barrier.


The Venue Channel has developed an innovative business model. This advertising medium is affordable to all businesses large or small. We offer technical expertise, sales management, and graphic design solutions to businesses who wish to adopt this advertising technology medium for targeted communications.


From an advertiser's perspective, this technology offers exciting new opportunities for them to communicate more effectively.  Advertisers can now manage this new medium using a business model similar to television. They now have another medium to deliver high impact targeted messages to audiences in real-time that automatically vary with time, season, geography, demographic or other promotional campaigns characteristics.


The Venue Channel's licensed software is used to create, schedule, manage, distribute and play media content on a network of display screens from a single server. The technology provides a reliable method to deliver cost-effective, high impact advertising that is integrated with live Television Network Broadcast.

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