Rinkboards and Digital Networks

Jory Sigesmund



BoardView was created back in 1988 after Jory traveled to Helsinki, Finland and viewed various forms of advertising in their main arena called the Ice Palace.  Rink Board signs as well as signs in the seating area were featured in this rink.  There was no advertising in the arenas in North America at that time.  Several years after bringing this idea to the Toronto area the company started to flourish as it signed various Municipalities to participate in the program.  BoardView was first to string multiple arenas together to offer to local and corporate clients.  We were first to recognize the power of the internet and established a web site.  We were the first company of its type to reproduce a photo on a rink board sign.  We were the first company of its type to offer multi-year (3 year) contracts to its clients. We were first to guarantee our product and labour for three years unconditionally.  We were first to attract corporate clients into the program.  And we were first to offer Digital TV systems in the arenas.


BoardView is Canada’s largest community signage company established in the Fall of 1988. We specialize in the sale, production, and installation of various types of signs and digital media in the arena and community centre environment

with access to facilities across Canada.


Our approach features a mix of corporate and local business participation providing revenue to the facilties in which our signs appear. The facilities can then reduce their operating costs so they can attract even more users. In this way, all

facility users benefit financially.


The arenas and community centres are the most widely used facilties in any community and are used year round in many cases attracting upwards of 2 Million people per year each. This provides the perfect opportunity to reach a captive audience when these people are out of their homes.


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